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I express an echo, like a storyteller acts as memory. In all cultures, legacies are preserved in words, or rituals or song or dance or paint. All stories, our very histories, require connection, because memories only live between people. Just as narratives live within the connection between people, each time, changing a little. Not even the Maker ever knows its full meaning. I make stories for you to see, but the meaning is yours to tell yourself.

Once upon a time in San Francisco, a renown Chicana muralist, Patricia Rodriquez, literally shoved a paintbrush in my hand, tucked a mural sketch under my arm, told me to climb the scaffold and said, “Paint this.” What began with volunteering to paint a white wall, transformed into becoming a community muralist.

Working in the streets, painting murals in neighborhoods, we were a motley crew of students, artists, neighbors, men, women, seniors, children, black, white, Latino, gay, straight, left, right…

That inclusion deeply changed me. Doing narrative art in neighborhood streets taught me that the story is not IN me. The story – the narrative – only comes to life between us, only matters among us, not for the Maker alone.

What began as my journey, has now created a path for others.

My cooperative dream of creating a space for art has become InterUrban Arthouse in Overland Park, Kansas. This unique space, reimagined from an out of use post office, has become the heartbeat of the artist community. Over 40 artists have studio space at InterUrban Arthouse. They create, paint, photograph, sculpt, form, tool, and embody the color, movement and energy that is art in motion.

InterUrban ArtHouse is home to my studio as well and I invite you to stop by a take a colorful journey through my favorite expressions of art.

You can purchase originals and request commissions from me in this space as well.